The Science of Effective Communication

We have done extensive research to find what works in voter outreach so you can feel confident in the materials you deliver to voters. Each piece of content in VoterCast is based upon findings from our own experiments, academic research, and applied solutions from the field. Here are some of the top insights that inform our VoterCast designs.


Simplicity is key

VoterCast materials use concise language with simple sentence structures and basic vocabulary. Plain language increases trust and makes your communication accessible, understandable, and easy to navigate. Plus, most people skim the messages they receive, so we want to make good use of voters' limited attention. Explore the evidence.

Less ambiguity

Simple text indicates why a message is relevant. At a glace, people who are voting by mail will know this message is for them.

Direct, clear language

Voters can act on information that is immediately understandable. They will see here that they can track their ballot like they commonly do with packages.


Demonstrating credibility

Every communication in VoterCast reinforces the credibility of your office to deliver information that voters can trust. The messages are informative, nonpartisan, and explain to voters how to get support if needed. The visuals are designed to elevate the trusted messenger (you) by incorporating recognizable branding, like seals, consistent colors, and other markers that show that the message is from an official source. Explore the evidence.

Informative and useful

Giving voters information that's relevant and helpful demonstrates expertise and builds trust.

Being supportive

Inviting voters to reach out when they need help is assuring and improves voting outcomes.

Official cues

Seals and logos are easy way to indicate that the message is from an official source, giving voters a signal that the information is important.



We know that event-driven messages help capture voters' attention and create an occasion for people to act. The materials in VoterCast always highlight key dates or deadlines, making it clear to voters why a specific communication is relevant in that moment. We also offer recommendations for when to send specific communications to increase the likelihood that voters will act on the messages they receive. Explore the evidence.

A sense of urgency

Specific deadlines give voters a clear sense of when to act and mitigate procrastination.

Relevant prompts

Tying the moment to a specific action or piece of information helps voters navigate the voting process.


Displaying the date of the election serves as a useful reminder and helps orient the message for voters.


Salient call to action

VoterCast messages are designed to help voters easily follow through on the steps they need to take to successfully cast a ballot. These messages typically present a single call to action that is salient, compelling, and simple to act on. For more complex instructions, steps are broken out into manageable checklists, reducing voter confusion and the likelihood for procrastination. Explore the evidence.

Strong rationale

Justifying why a request is being made can compel voters to follow through.

Easy action

Visible and direct calls to action give clear instruction to voters. These actions should match the mode of deliver (e.g., direct links for email and other digital channels).

Offering help

Offering ways for people to get more information can mitigate uncertainty and distrust of the request.


Accessible to all

Effective voter outreach serves a diverse set of voters with different accessibility and language needs. The materials in VoterCast are designed to reach a wide audience and deliver information that removes barriers to participation. Visuals have large font and contrasting colors, messages are clear and supportive, and communications are offered across multiple channels to reach as many people as possible. And our AI-powered translation tool now enables instantaneous translations for the content you create in VoterCast. Explore the evidence.

Proper contrast

Using appropriate font and background colors will make your content readable for many more voters.

Language access

Translating your materials into multiple languages will ensure your messages reach a wide audience.

Explore the evidence

Simplicity is key

Demonstrating credibility


Salient call to action

Accessible to all