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Reach voters with the election information they need.

VoterCast's research-backed content streamlines the voter outreach process for election officials, saving critical time, effort, and resources.


Access instant content

Get off-the-shelf voter outreach resources, tailored to your jurisdiction.
  • Content covers the most common outreach topics.
  • Visuals and text are ready to use for social media, print, email, and SMS.
  • Information on your jurisdiction and elections is used to automatically tailor the content.
  • AI-powered translation generates instant content in other languages.

Leverage proven designs

Have confidence that your outreach is giving voters the support they need.
  • Every design is based on evidence from a wealth of research in effective communication.
  • Content is regularly updated to reflect the most up-to-date outreach insights.
  • Materials are designed to deepen awareness of election officials as trusted messengers.

Educate and support voters

Help voter understand and successfully navigate the entire voter journey.
  • Outreach content is geared toward changing voter behaviors and reducing confusion.
  • A holistic approach to voter outreach provides a bulwark against mis- and dis-information.
  • Materials offer clear and timely information that can minimize voter errors.

In 2020, I was spending up to eight hours a week making voter outreach materials. VoterCast was so nice because I literally spent one afternoon doing all of my communications for the upcoming election.”

- Carly Koppes, Weld County Clerk and Recorder

My first reaction to VoterCast was - wow. This is an application that election officials really need.”

- Ryan Jeffers, Marketing & Communications Specialist, Denver Elections

When I first saw VoterCast, I was impressed. The topics hit all of the deadlines we need to communicate."

- Kevin Cullather, Former Election Communications Specialist, Lake County Clerk's Office

Let VoterCast take your outreach to the next level.

Professional designs meet the science of effective communication.

Best practices are woven into every piece of content to maximize the impact of your outreach.

With VoterCast's tailored content, you can clarify the voter registration process, help voters understand all their voting options, direct the public to your resources, build confidence in election outcomes, and much more.

Learn more about the science behind VoterCast.


Highlighting the messenger lets voters know the information is trustworthy


Communications that are event driven feel relevant and create a sense of urgency.


Materials are designed with diverse needs in mind and offer options for those who need more assistance.


Clear, short messages quickly give voters the information they need.


A single and direct call to action lets voters know what they must do and how.

Make the content on VoterCast your own with our customization features.

You can set your preferred colors, add a logo or seal, and make direct edits to your content.

VoterCast makes it simple to customize your content to fit your jurisdiction and your needs. When you update your colors and logo, every piece of content automatically adopts your branding choices. Plus, you can make specific updates to any communication directly in the VoterCast editor as easily as you would edit a word document.

Reach your voters in multiple languages with our AI-powered translation tool.

You can translate your content into nearly a dozen languages in an instant.

VoterCast makes your content more accessible by offering you the option to translate your materials directly in the platform. Once you finalize the English version of your content, simply select a language from the drop-down menu to generate an AI-powered translation. In seconds, you can amplify your outreach by reproducing your communications in a range of different languages.


Best-in-class outreach tailored to your jurisdiction and your voters is a few clicks away.

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Want to learn more about the science of effective voter communication?

Download our voter outreach checklist with evidence-based best practices.