The best voter outreach content, tailor-made for your jurisdiction.

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Take the guesswork out of voter outreach.

VoterCast is a new tool for election officials to access outreach content proven to be effective in supporting voters.


Access instant content

Get off-the-shelf voter outreach resources, tailored to your jurisdiction.
  • Content covers the most common outreach topics.
  • Visuals and text are ready to use for social media, print, email, and SMS.
  • Information on your jurisdiction and elections is used to automatically tailor the content.

Leverage proven designs

Have confidence that your outreach is giving voters the support they need.
  • Every design is based on evidence from a wealth of research in effective communication.
  • Content is regularly updated to reflect the most up-to-date outreach insights.
  • Materials are designed to deepen awareness of election officials as trusted messengers.

Educate and support voters

Help voter understand and successfully navigate the entire voter journey.
  • Outreach content is geared toward changing voter behaviors and reducing confusion.
  • A holistic approach to voter outreach provides a bulwark against mis- and dis-information.
  • Materials offer clear and timely information that can minimize voter errors.

In 2020, I was spending up to eight hours a week making voter outreach materials. VoterCast was so nice because I literally spent one afternoon doing all of my communications for the upcoming election.”

- Carly Koppes, Weld County Clerk and Recorder

My first reaction to VoterCast was - wow. This is an application that election officials really need.”

- Ryan Jeffers, Marketing & Communications Specialist, Denver Elections

When I first saw VoterCast, I was impressed. The topics hit all of the deadlines we need to communicate."

- Kevin Cullather, Former Election Communications Specialist, Lake County Clerk's Office

Best-in-class outreach tailored to your jurisdiction and your voters is a few clicks away.

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